Withings Smart Activity Tracker

By: Steve Wylde

The Withings Smart Activity Tracker allows you to balance physical activity and nutrition. With this small gadget, you can track your heart rate while you are going about your business. It's so small, it can be worn on an arm band, belt clip or slipped into your pocket. The device tracks the amount of steps you take in a day, but it's better than a pedometer, because it records your heart rate during those steps. It also tracks how many calories you burned, which helps you to make decisions regarding nutrition in real time.

The Smart Activity Tracker is a smart health tracking device because it also works while you sleep. This tiny, 8 gram gadget even tracks the quality of your sleep, showing you your sleep cycles in the morning. All of this information is available for review on an OLED touchscreen display. With a two-week battery life, it lasts longer on one charge than your cell phone! After two weeks, use the micro USB port to charge it up. The best part is the ability to synchronize the Smart Activity Tracker with your smartphone.

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