Wikipad Mobile Tablet Gaming Device

By: Steve Wylde

The Wikipad is an innovative tablet/mobile gaming device, but the thing that sets it apart from the others is that it fits into a detachable controller to allow you the ultimate hand-held gaming experience. The 7-inch HD screen and Nvidia Tegra 3 processor with quad-core GPU provide an excellent tablet for surfing, reading, watching videos, while the built-in stereo speakers provide crystal-clear audio. The 2-16GB of internal storage with a MicroSD slot for expansion provide tons of room for storing pictures and videos that the megapixel front-facing camera will give you. The GPS system, built-in gyroscope, compass, and accelerometer will keep you on track.

The Wikipad is a fun device because, in addition to the above features, it is also a cool gaming device. The tablet slides into a detachable game controller, giving you a dual analog sticks, fire triggers on the right and left side and A,B,X, and Y buttons. The gaming system also is equipped with the ability to play all of the Playstation mobile games.

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