Tomb Raider Unlocking Entrapment and Narcissistic Achievements Tips

By: Steve Wylde

Below are some tips on how to Unlock the Entrapment and Narcissistic Achievements. Since Tomb Raider 2013 release, many critics have praised the video game for the gameplay, the graphics, development and various Achievements. 

These achievements are possible in Multiplayer mode. A large amount of criticism has been directed to the multiplayer mode, because some gamers felt as if it was not necessary. Despite it all, the multiplayer isn’t bad, so we wouldn’t personally label it “unnecessary.”

Eidos Montreal, the makers of Deus Ex: Human, are the creators of the multiplayer mode. There are three different types of gameplay for the multiplayer mode – it is played on a total of five different maps. In each game, there are four scavengers and four survivors, making two team. The team will either try to bring medical supplies to certain parts of the map or destroy the other team. Players are also able to activate specific features and set traps. If you guys and girls have not already tried Tomb Raider’s multiplayer mode, you should at least give it a try – you might just like it.

Two Cool Achievements

In the multiplayer mode, there are two cool achievements. I say they are “cool,” because they are pretty simple to get.

Achievement Unlocked: Entrapment

When you get this achievement, it means you have trapped an enemy in multiplayer (that isn’t hard to do at all). By unlocking this achievement, you will receive 10 achievement points. In order to get this achievement, wait around the trap to lure them in.

Achievement Unlocked: Narcissistic

In order to unlock this achievement, you will need to purchase a new character. That certainly isn’t hard. Doing this will give you 10 achievement points. In order to get this achievement, you will need to play the game and reach level 8. You will also need to have enough savage in order to unlock the first character (grim).

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