Tomb Raider 2013 Review and Tips for Xbox 360

By: Steve Wylde
Here is quick look and review of the new Tomb Raider released  in 2013 for Xbox 360. Additionally, below is a video of my game play, which shows a segment about ½ way through the game where it’s a more action pack part of the game and shows most of the features you have access to.

On the video of Tomb Raider, you will see some of the game controls as well as the upgrades that you can gain in this game. You can also see the skill points. A big reason why so many people are absolutely addicted to this game are the various weapons upgrades and skill points you can achieve.

The visual world you get to navigate is pretty incredible and there are a lot of great challenges to keep you engaged and interested. On the video I took a moment to explore a bit also and show you the environment.

The interactions in this game are amazing. I also like how the ammo and enemies can be looted which I think is really cool.

Throughout this game, you will really get a sense that this is a true survival game. The enemies, to me, seem much more than enemies you see in other games. They really try to take an emotional toll of Lara and show no mercy towards her.

Defeating the enemies in this new Tomb Raider is not an easy task. There are no direct attacks or auto aim. I like making headshots with a bow. When the going gets tough, break out your main weapon, like the machine gun or pistol. I like using the shotgun for close range combat. If you are leveled up like I am, I recommend using the pick which you’ll see an example of in the video.

With every Xbox 360 game, you will have achievements. I’m not an “achievement junky,” but I do have my fair share of achievements. One of the achievements you’ll see me get is was called “sharp shooter.” You get that achievement by killing enemies with the bow (it has to be head shots).

There are some pretty unique ways to kill enemies. For example, you can shoot the barrels that the enemies hide behind in order to get a clear shot. I find that switching weapons is easy to do in this game. You can use the direction pad to choose quickly between weapons.

At any time, the environment can change in this game. You will notice the bridge that they make to get closer to Lara. The movements are never sluggish at all, so it is easy to move Lara to cover.

Between reloads, when the enemies get too close, you can easily use your melee tools as weapons to quickly kill the enemies.

At the end of this video, you will notice the sheer amount of obstacles that are in your way. You will get see what I am talking about when I say “this is a true survival game.”

Overall I think you will be impressed with this game, not only because of the amazing visuals and realistic look of the characters, but also it will keep you engaged and addicted to the game play.

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