Incredible Tinke Wellness Monitor

By: Steve Wylde

The Tinke Wellness Monitor is a tiny device that helps keep you in shape. It can take our heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and respiratory rate by having you place your thumb on its sensing platform. It connects to the bottom of an iPhone, which is where you place your thumb or finger to be analyzed as your exercising or when you are done. It comes with a free app that records all of your statistics over time and gives you information regarding the big picture.

This little teeny device will be your best buddy in the exercise room, keeping track of your progress in real time and letting you know if your heart rate is going higher than your doctor recommends. Keep track of your resting heart rate as an indicator of you fitness level because the lower it is, the fitter you are. If you had a Tinke Wellness Monitor, you would already know this.

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