The Future Of Gaming (Augmented Reality, 3-D and More)

By: Steve Wylde

As technology evolves at a blistering speed, many of the latest Tech innovations are making their way into the gaming industry in 2013 and beyond. 3D technology is the first noticeable trend including 2 different people seeing entirely different experiences while looking at the same screen.

3-D Virtual Display GamingWith the pace we are on with 3-D and touch screen navigation becoming the norm in computing, virtual display navigation (floating in the air), like we have seen in movies such as the Minority Report could just be a few generations off.

I'm not talking human generations, I'm talking "digital" generations that are picking up momentum and evolving more quickly with each passing year.

Augmented Reality technology is also another big leap forward in which you can control little metal spheres with your cell phone and the spheres can visually appear like anything you want such as rolling heads. Yeah, it’s a bit hard to explain, watch this video preview below for a better understanding of how gaming is absorbing the latest technology:


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