Teenage Engineers OD-11 Cloud Speaker

By: Steve Wylde

Do you like the sleek retro look? Maybe you miss the 70's and want that classic simple appearance combined with the latest sound system available. Well, this speaker is for you, then. The OD-11 Cloud Speaker is based on the original Carlsson OD-11 speaker from 1974. It's 10 inches of fun in a box.

The best part of this basic looking speaker is the power it has. You'll love the built-in WiFi, and the Bluetooth 4 powered remote control. The optical inputs for other audio sources allows you to share the sound of the Jackson 5 on your iPod with everyone else. The integrated 100W amplifier, and one woofer, combined with one tweeter makes the most surprisingly good sound system. Then there's the magnet on the back, so you can stick it on a fridge, or somewhere. Buy two and you'll get the ability to have a left/right separation.

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