Sony Xperia Z Smart Phone Review

By: Steve Wylde

T-Mobile recently announced that it will be exclusively offering the Sony Xperia Z in the United States. The U.S. version is slightly smaller than the international version but looks almost identical. Although it is slim, it does have a little more weight than you would expect that actually adds to the premium and high end feeling of the phone in hand.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Smart Phone

The 5 inch screen compliments the hdtv viewing and makes great use of the space available to maximize the screen size. Something of particular to note is that it has a micro SD slot for expanded memory, which so few phones have. The Camera picture quality could still be improved slightly, so this is not the phone for you if this is the most important feature for you. It is more than adequate for most users, and some of the other features make up for it. The Waterproof claim seems to hold its truth and you can see in this video below this feature being tested out before your eyes.

Watch below for a more thorough review of the Sony Xperia Z Smart Phone:


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