Samsung 700 SERIES S23A700D LED Gaming Monitor

By: Steve Wylde

Thirteen Amazing picture and excellent build quality are only a part of the benefits of this great performer, the Samsung 700 series. At 120 Hz and 2ms response time it gives gamers a great screen to play on. It exceeds expectations on all fronts! 120hz at 1080p 23" is the perfect size for competitive FPS (First Person Shooting) gaming. Viewing angles are great and the frame is very thin and looks amazing. 

Very nice touch interface for the monitor buttons with DVI and HDMI connectors, adjustable tilt and a very stylish and modern design. The 3D features are excellent and the glasses are wonderfully lightweight and comfortable to wear too, which is a major plus. The color is superb, absolutely vibrant and alive not just with the first use but with every use blowing other models out of the water. Even after a lot of heavy use, and a very close look, there is not one dead pixel to be found.

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