Retron 5 Console ( Retro Gaming Central)

By: Steve Wylde

We all feel a bit of nostalgia for our favorite childhood games but finding consoles in good condition are not only becoming harder to find but also are certainly becoming a lot more expensive. Not to mention the clutter of all of those old systems looking tacky piled up on top of each other inside of your entertainment center. The Retron 5 Console takes care of all of that with this one little system console. A whopping nine game systems are all packed into this one little machine. 

Sounds impossible that one single box could support your NES, SNES, SFC, MD Sega Genesis, Famicon, Game Boy, Game Boy Advanced and the Game Boy Color, doesn’t it? But low and behold, it does that and more. Because they have created a new chipset, it will ensure that region locks and compatibility are no longer an issue, and the RetroN 5 will play both PAL and NTSC cartridges. CIC lockout chips and FX chips are no longer going to be a problem either.

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