Retro Classic Simon

By: Steve Wylde

Time to go retro with this blast from the past Simon childhood favorite. It's so retro, it's cool again and you look online a bit you can pick up this beauty for a great price still. If you are unfamily with Simon, here are the key points. We've all played Simon Says when we were kids; the game where you have to follow and do whatever the leader tells you to do. This game is a modern twist on that childhood game. The Classic Simon game seems like a simple game at first glance. The idea of the game is to repeat the light and sound patterns that the game shows you. It starts off slow and easy, then builds up speed and difficulty.

This is a great game to play alone or with a group of people. It's a good learning game for a child, to enrich his memory and will keep him entertained for a while. It's also a great game for adults to maintain their memories and keep the brain in good shape. It's a fun game to play at children's or even adult's parties because as the game gets passed around, the competition builds up to a higher level and keeps everyone engaged. It runs on three AAA batteries.

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