Razer Atrox Super Street Fighter IV AE Collectors Edition Arcade Stick

By: Steve Wylde

What better way to show how awesome you are in a Street Fighter challenge than by using the ever-awesome Razer Atrox Super Street Fighter IV AE Collector’s Edition Arcade Stick. The Street Fighter games series is one of the most iconic in video game history. Those hours of game play no longer have to give way to the newer systems that are so prevalent today. You can open a retro can of whoop tail on those naysayers that challenge your video game prowess.

This one controller caters to the Xbox 360 crowd that takes your game performance to another level. This controller works with all games and is the perfect trophy piece for the street fighter in you. There is an eight way joystick that makes the hardest combos seem easy. There are 10 buttons on this mega controller that are highly responsive. This controller can also be customized for different styles of game play.

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