ProJet Remote Control Drone Aircraft with Spy Camera

By: Steve Wylde

Why just fly a remote control airplane when you can fly your very own Remote Control Drone with a working Spy Camera. It doesn’t get much cooler than that! The ProJet 98” (PROJET-DRONE-2500MM-Kit) brought to you by NitroPlanes in collaboration with ProJet brings you the most built to scale and realistically looking RC Drone in the Remote Control Aircraft Industry. Not only is the ProJet Drone a piece of art, it actually is functional the way a surveillance drone should be, including a working video spy camera. 

Want to the see the ProJet Drone in Action? Check out the video below for a complete demonstration from take-off to landing, and includes a split screen so you can have a birds eye view from the Drones perspective via the Spy Camera:

Photo Source: NitroPlanes

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