Play Retro Games with Hyperkins RetroN 5 Console

By: Steve Wylde

Hyperkins RetroN 5 is a single console. It’s compatible with a host of classic game cartridges. RetroN 5 combines five cartridge slots that you can play games from. For example you can play games from Sega Genesis, also Mega Drive, Nintendo’s most successful game boy systems. All three include the original, color and the advanced one. The shell to the Retron 5 has had modifications done to it to allow for better ventilation so that the console can stay cooler for a longer period of time. 

It also accommodates Sega power base converter in the Genesis drive to play master system cartridges. Then brings the Retron 5 to a total of ten classic gaming systems in one. A power adapter with four variable head sockets to suit many different regions will come with the console. So it looks like the right time to go into your attic and break out all your old games. That will soon bring back all those old memories.

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