Nintendo 2DS Portable Gaming Console

By: Steve Wylde

The Nintendo 2DS system is great. It will give you all the same features as the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo XL. Amazing viewing is done in 3D and the price is wonderful as well. You can protect your screen to your Nintendo 2DS with a carrying case. This will ensure the safety of your gaming system. The Nintendo 2DS is capable of handling the whole library package. Also downloadable games for the Nintendo 3DS.

The hardware of the Nintendo 2DS offers street pass, spot pass as well. It can also be compatible with games designed for the Nintendo DS and the 3DS. The Nintendo 2DS has better battery life then the 3DS. The Nintendo 2DS does come in different colors. It also has an SD card on the side as well. There is also a sleep slider and two cameras. The 2DS also has a feature that allows parental control. This allows the adults to manage the systems content and protect the younger kids.

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