Most Anticipated Games for 2013

By: Steve Wylde

With a new console war approaching, the Most Anticipated Games for 2013 will be taking on new meaning. With Sony and Xbox coming out with new consols this year, there is sure to me some epic games to show off their full capacity.

5) Watchdogs – You play a hacker assassin trying to purge corruption from a futuristic Chicago. It’s bloody, smart, full of action and was a break out hit at E3.

4) Tombraider – The new Tombraider is a reboot of the franchise giving you a younger Lara Croft and improved graphics, and a engaging and gritty storyline that will keep you glued to your couch.

3) The Last of Us – Freaky realistic game based on the world being hit by an apocalyptic plague and you are hired to protect a young girl as the world turns desperate and violent.

2) Grand Theft Auto V – Grand Theft goes big in this Los Angeles like city story line bouncing back and fourth between 3 different characters.

1) Bioshock Infinite – The incredible graphics on this new Bioshock is like playing a work of art. With the new consols, this game will be sure to mesmerize you.

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