Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

By: Steve Wylde

The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner offers a new way to scan old film without expensive equipment. All that is needed is a smart phone and this Lomography film scanner. The scanner is a portable device that takes high-resolution scans of almost any type of old school 35mm film. You can even take scans of color slides, black and white pictures, large panoramic pictures, in addition to analog movies. All you have to do is turn on the scanner, put the film into it, and use the app that's included with the scanner to take a picture with your phone and you instantly have a digital picture that you can now share on social media sites, or print out.

Retro-enthusiasts will be happy with the cool new Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner, which allows users to instantly share old memories or funny photos from the past with all of their friends and family. Gone are the days when you have to go to someone's house and sit through old movies or slide shows, thank goodness.

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