GX Gaming Peripherals White Edition Released

By: Steve Wylde

GX Gaming has unveiled three new gaming peripherals. They are the GX Gaming Death Taker, GX-Speed and Imperator Pro and they are all white, so the series is called The White Edition. The DeathTaker White Edition is a gaming mouse with nine button precision and 5700 dpi resolution.

The Imperator Pro White Edition is equipped with 17 NKRO which eliminates missed key movements, making your gaming more accurate. It also comes with macro keys and USB ports to ensure you never lose your connection. The white controller with red and gray elements make it one pretty controller to handle. The GX Spped White Edition is a soft gaming mouse pad that was designed to be used with the DeathTaker White Edition. It's larger and thinner than most gaming pads and it has a natural rubber base.

Most serious gamers will want to get this trio of peripherals, if only for the fact that they are really cool looking and limited edition. Getting new controllers and mouse pads just makes the gaming experience that much more fun.

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