Gangnam Style for Gaming Systems

By: Steve Wylde

Everyone knows the song. We've all seen the video that spawned parody videos. “Gangnam Style” for Gaming Systems is the latest of the ubiquitous songs for video game systems. Available on Harmonix Dance Central 3 and Ubisoft Just Dance 4, Psy brings you the latest versions of his addictive song, “Gangnam Style.” Soon you will be able to download as content for Wii, Xbox 360, Sony Playstation, Wii U and the Move for PlayStation.

“Gangnam Style” for Gaming Systems will soon have everyone's feet tapping, as you dance along with Psy to this addictive song. This is the song that everyone loves, but is afraid to admit. If you buy it, no one will know, it can be your secret. Since it's available on almost all gaming platforms, you can easily enjoy your guilty pleasure.

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