Future Space Technologies (Light-Speed Travel Breakthrough and More)

By: Steve Wylde

With the NASA space program on the ropes, where are future space technologies headed and will the free market and capitalism bring innovations faster than ever? Commercial space flight seems to be a very realistic possibility as we have seen in the last couple years.

Future Space Technologies and Space TravelLight-Speed Travel Break Through

Faster than the Speed of Light travel just got a huge breakthrough lately with the discovery of the Higgs boson in CERN in 2012.

Science Fiction might soon become Science Fact as many scientists now speculate that the discovery of this particle will unlock mysteries of the universe, including dark matter and light-speed travel.

Scientists also believe that the Higgs boson might one day unlock the secrets to allowing the launching of huge items (ie Spacecraft) into space by "switching off" the subatomic particle.

Other Interesting Possibilities for Intergalactic Space Travel:

- Hydrogen Propulsion, which creates energy like how the sun’s fusion system operates.

- Laser Guided Propulsion Systems

- Harnessing the Power of Antimatter

- Bending Space and Traveling Through Wormholes

For a Look Some Of These Possibilities Here Is a Quick Preview Video:

More Space Technology

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