Bartendro Cocktail Dispensing Robot

By: Steve Wylde

Welcome friends to the new age of cocktails. Bartendro is a cocktail dispensing robot that shall make a tasty drink fast for you and your friends. It is perfect for all types of events including birthday parties and weddings. The robot will be able to serve over 200 drinks in one night, make many people happy, and save time. This robot will be able to make a cocktail in ten seconds and you will be able to drink it up. Use your smart phone to check out the drink menu. 

The Bartendro can be set up or cleaned up in a matter of minutes. The robot can be customized for all kinds of drinks depending on the event. The average bartender can make a good drink, yet can never make the same drink twice just the same. The robot will never fail as it can make the same drink, same taste every time it shakes one up. The robot uses peristaltic pumps that dispense a known volume every time the motor is run.

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