AppTag Smartphone Laser Tag

By: Steve Wylde

AppTag Smartphone Laser Tag offers a way to play an active game, which is a different app than your usual type of iPhone app. This app makes you get up and move, while enjoying an exhilarating game of laser tag. All you do is put your smart phone onto the gun and you can play single, multi-player or team play laser tag. Compatible with both Android and the iOS platforms, the App Tag allows you to play laser tag anywhere you want to, without having to go to a special place. It will even keep score for you.

AppTag Smartphone Laser Tag is a really fun game because it offers you the ability to play games like you did as a kid. These types of games are always fun, and you can even play laser tag all alone with the app. No other laser tag game allows you to do that with your smart phone.


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