Apple Mini iPad Tablet (Quick Look)

By: Steve Wylde

The Apple Mini iPad is a both a simple and a powerful computer tablet. Despite being so small, thin, and lightweight it has all the features of a full-size iPad. What the Apple Mini iPad has to offer its users was not sacrificed when Apple reduced the size in comparison to its predecessor. The Mini iPad features a beautiful screen and thousands of applications that can be enjoyed with its 10 hours of battery life. The best part of the Apple Mini iPad is the fact that it is everything you could want in a computer that fits in the palm of your hand.

Quick Specifications:
· FaceTime HD Camera
· 16.3 Watt Battery
· 7.9 Inch LED-Backlit Multi-Touch Display
· Fingerprint Resistant Casing
· Bluetooth 4.0

For a more detailed look at the Apple iPad Mini Tablet Watch Below:

photo credit: Apple

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