Airocide Air Purifier (NASA Tech Inspired)

By: Steve Wylde

Stop suffering from household allergies! This is the last air purifier you will ever need again! Airocide will be the most lethal machine in your house, when it comes to harmful toxins and airborne bacteria that is. This sleek little baby will not only go unnoticed by your house guests as it blends in with your d├ęcor but will utterly eliminate any odor causing bacteria that could offend your guests.

Specially designed to keep your loved ones healthy, it possess a NASA developed photo-catalytic process to destroy Volatile Organic Compounds, harmful gases emitted by your everyday cleaning supplies and harmful chemicals such as paints and glues, but also to take out any toxic mold, fungi, or airborne viruses that enter its compact cleaning chamber. One of the most welcomed of all of its features is how perfectly quiet it is. No one in your home will ever have to listen to that annoying buzz again from old, outdated air purifiers.

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